Hi, Hello, Welcome!

Wow.   I am starting the blog today.   Hi, Hello, and Welcome!

I have been practicing writing blog posts this summer, hoping that one day this day would come.    And here it is, mid-September.   And I am publishing my first post.

Practice and practice and practice is the habit that I have learned to do to help my brain learn how to do something that I haven’t done before.

Well, how have I practiced?   This summer I went to the BlogHer Food conference here in Austin.   I love food and I was thrilled that a Blogher conference was held here.  It was a great opportunity to learn about blogging.  I asked Food bloggers about how they started their blogs, how they prepared, and where their blogs have taken them.  And I ate yummy food with them.

I have also been pondering questions from friends about what I am trying to do with my blog and talking with friends about the blogs they read and what they like about them.    And I have been writing down sample posts on paper.   I have even gotten to the point where I find myself composing a sample post in my head while I am out walking.  Amazing!

And you might say that,  long before this summer,  I started practicing.    Truth be told, I have been practicing for years and years by learning (re-learning) how to write and eventually speak publicly about my story.    All these many baby steps helped me learn how to tell my story so that reporters could understand and write my story.  Now its time to take the next step forward and write and share my story on this blog and hear your inspiring stories.

Welcome and thank you!

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