Carole Starr speaking on Resilience

BIAA Webinar on Resilience with Speaker and Advocate Carole Starr

Tomorrow, Carole Starr will be speaking on Resilience after Brain Injury on BIAA’s Butch Alterman Webinar.

The Webinar will be on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 3 ET.   Its FREE, but you must register.

The BIAA Webinar showcases leaders with brain injury.

Carole will be talking about Resilience.    Resilience is an important life skill, especially after brain injury.

After 2 devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida, this is a timely topic.

Myany people are talking about and learning what it means to be resilient in the face of very challenging situations right now.

Carole speaks about what she’s learned about resilience through her own life experiences after her concussion/brain injury.   She has keynoted several State Brain Injury Association Conferences on this topic.  She’s led a group of others with brain injury at an organization called Brain Injury Voices of Maine.   And she’s just published a book on the topic called “To Root and To Rise”.

I am very fortunate to get to know her through her work this past couple of years on the Brain Injury Advisory Council at BIAA.   I have learned tremendously from her forceful advocacy.   She is an amazing and compassionate leaders.   She is really good at putting her finger on an issue, and then is able to articulate it well.  Her great problem solving skills flow from there.

Directions of how to register are here:

The Webinair lasts about an hour with Question and Answer.

Once Registered, you can go back and listen to the webinar again.



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