Better but not completely back and Happy 4th

I am 70% better, but not all the way back to my baseline.

I had good news from talking to my Doctors.

My Neurologist says that if I have gotten 70% back, then the 30% will come.

He told me I am doing all the right things–cognitive rest and physical rest.

He was pleased that I had reached out to my support team and that what I am doing it working.

He did objective test to show me that although I have increased memory and cognitive problems, I can pass his simple cognitive tests.   They are still there!   When he was asking me questions, I remembered all the hard work I had done in rehab to get these back.   And I was thrilled they were still there.

More later.

Happy 4th.

I will continue to rest and get cognitive rest until the other 30% gets back.


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