Texas Brain Injury Alliance Conference, Thursday Oct. 18, Austin TX

I wanted to get the word out about the Texas Brain Injury Alliance Conference here in Austin next week, on Thursday the 18th.

Its from 9:30 to 3:30 at the University of Texas’s Pickle Center.

Dr Cindy Ivanhoe from Houston’s TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital will give the keynote.

She’s amazing.  She has been working in Brain Injury, TBI and Stroke for well over a decade.

For those who are not familiar with Houston’s TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital, its one of the Hospitals that conduct federally-sponsored research on TBIs.   Its a Model Systems Hospital.  These hospitals are at the forefront of best treatment.  They use evidence-based treatments.  And they contribute to improving treatment as well as collecting data to improve treatment and outcomes.  For a long time, TIRR was the only Model Systems Hospital in Texas.    (Now we have one in Dallas/North Texas area too.)

Many people with concussion do not realize that hospitals like TIRR will now treat them for concussion and traumatic brain injury:

–even if the patient was not diagnosed immediately after the injury happened,


–even if they were not diagnosed with concussion or traumatic brain injury in the ER or by their primary care doctor.

Its very exciting to see this BIG BIG improvement in the treatment of concussion to get people well!

I have learned that its most cost-effective for patients to be treated directly after the concussion happens.  Its most cost-effective because one gets attention and best -treatments immediately to take advantage of positive neuroplasticity.

However, its much better to be treated than not-treated if the patient is continuing to experience symptoms.   What I am seeing is that more of the institutions that know how to get people better are offering their services to get people back to their lives and their work after concussion, even if the person doesn’t get to the right resources immediately.   This is a huge improvement for those of us like me who had to fight hard to find services after concussion even though I couldn’t lead my life or work after my injury and needed healthcare and support services to get me to the place where I can function well again.

Also I am seeing that Brain Health is being recognized as being so important to living and working.

Fortunately, more and more medical professionals are realizing that getting the diagnosis for concussion correct and treating persistent symptoms after concussions appropriately is in everyone’s best interest.

And, some doctors go even further and believe that treating for concussion appropriately will reduce the possibilities of any long term increased degenerative issues such as other brain injuries, or brain illnesses like CTE.

But I digress.

Here’s more information about the other presentations at the Conference.

This year its much easier to register online.

Even with my concussion-related technology issues, I was able to register online!

See you there!

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2018 Brain Injury Conference

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